What was the first time you wore your Henkaa out to
I wore my dress the first weekend after it had arrived inside the mail, naturally it was to a friend's wedding. The dress was a huge hit with all my friends, and what's even more amazing was that when I wore it the second time tied a different way (to another wedding), my friends couldn't even tell it was the same dress!

You've started with the deep navy - which colour would be your next pick to expand your Henkaa collection
I've been dying to try the Plum Purple or the Peach Pink Coral next. Because I've now got my neutral, "wear-everywhere" navy blue already, I think my next one particular will be more playful and bright.

Every girl is able to create their own personal style - have you invented your own Henkaa tie
Because I'm still new at this, I've been finding myself beginning to play more and more with what to do inside the back. Keeping the front a comfortable, versatile style while changing up the level of backlessness or strappiness has been my exploration with the dress.

What's your advice for a girl embarking on their Henkaa journey
I feel that this dress can be a different journey for every girl. While some are more daring with trying new styles right away, iwc skeleton replica I felt like I wanted to play it safe for awhile, and tie a basic style inside the front so that I can fiddle with the back of the dress as a start. I thought this was a great way to start experimenting with the dress, and when you get more comfortable with tying it and fitting it to your body you can move your way to trying different styles in the front! Small steps can take you a long way. a lange sohne datograph)

* * *

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Evelyn is often a talented interior designer by trade, and a inventive at heart. We got a possibility to catch up with this lovely Henkaa lady for a profile on her dress (along with the superior times that can be had with it, just like the all-smiles above!)

How did you discover about Henkaa
A buddy who works in the bridal makeup industry had brought one back from an expo she'd been to, and I'd fallen in love with how versatile the dress was! It was the perfect solution because I had multiple weddings to attend that summer and I couldn' ;t afford to buy multiple dresses to wear to each one particular.

What's your favoured way of tying it together
I love the classic halter look - It was the easiest a single to learn, it's figure-flattering, fake iwc watch and it just so happens that a lot of other styles are tied starting with the halter, so it's the perfect base to experiment with new looks.

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